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For Serious Music Artists

You looking to get signed by a major record label?

Check out our Music Artist Package below



Package 1 includes:
1) 4 Songs of yours professionally produced by music artist, songwriter, producer, engineer, JOBY JOHN (well over $7,000value, not to mention producer royalties)

• This includes recording, editing, producing, drum tracks, background instrumentation, vocal work, background vocals (your voice will be professionally tuned, etc..), and any background sounds we feel fit for your production, so its radio ready! (You can also hire musicians to come in and record for an extra charge, generally around $50hr to $200hr) JOBY should be able to do everything you need himself so this saves you on costs. (Industry producers run $20,000 on up with a contract. Unsigned artist, typical producer fees alone for an album run around $5,000.)

• Includes Mixing & Mastering (Universal/Tunecore, charges $750 per song, this is based on unsigned artist wanting to upload music to iTunes) We make sure your musics quality achieves radio standards $3,000value) Industry professionals can charge around $10,000 per song. Mixing is an art on its own and demands a good engineer with a good ear and talent to know where to set your instruments in the mix, dial in eq's and give it that polish sound. Can take as much time as producing if not more.

• Includes song arrangement for your EP album or Demo

• We do offer the option to write your lyrics & Instrumental for you for an additional charge ( this comes in handy if you are a singer looking to get signed, but don't write music or play instruments. JOBY is a Songwriter and can write your whole song for you)

• For this package our genres include: Top40/ Pop,Rock,HipHop,R&B,EDM or Country

2) Album cover design
($299 to $1,000value) for you or your band to go with your 4 song release. (Photo shoot is included)

3) Professional 2 Page Website
($1.200value) This website will be up to todays standards, professionally designed for you, viewable on all devices
• Includes 2 professionally designed banners (photo shoot included)
• 1st page basic content up to 500 words +/-
• Upload of up to 25 photos of you or your band
• photo slide show
• Music player and music embed of your 4 songs
• 2nd page your biography (up to a 1000 words)
• meta tags, descriptions, and search engine visibility
• includes free hosting (means there is no charge per month for your website)
• We can add content/pages to your website at any time for an additional charge

4) Social Site Setup With Banners
($399value) Includes the 2 free music banners included with your website, sized to fit on your FB or Myspace as well as setup of these two sites. We add basic content and upload up to 10 photos and place them on the page or in your photo library . (We also offer the set up & design of any other platforms you prefer for an additional charge)

5) (Optional): Music Video & Youtube Channel Setup
(up to $1,000 in savings or more) Receive 10% off with this package (the music video will be based on your budget, we can produce any level of production you desire)
If you want a few Music Videos with this package, we will give you 10% per Music Video.

• we can offer green screen, special effects, cgi, animation, 3D design, tracking, all aspects you could need, to give your music video the professional production it needs.

• Includes setup of your Youtube Channel and a banner

• We also upload your Music Video in the best format for ultimate quality to your Youtube Channel

• Includes 2 DVD's with a menu screen ( Option of more DVD's with additional charge)

• Includes render format for any Music Video Channels including online or VH1, MTV, etc..

If you can dream it, we can create if for you!

Note: This package can be customized to fit your needs. If you have a special request that you want added with this package, please feel free to ask us. We will be happy to offer a discount on any of our products and services with this package.
Record Labels Out To Sign Music Artists
When looking to get signed, it is important to understand that record labels these days are looking for music artist who are developed and already have professional quality songs. A professional website is your foundation and is crucial. It is also good to have professional social sites as well to represent you as a music artist and your music to build a following.

Besides the music its self, one of the biggest avenues for promotion is a professional music video to pull people into you, your music and get attention. Music videos are not cheap, but there is a reason all top music artists pay the money to have top notch music videos out there for there songs, because its great promotion for them, and helps sell songs. Even lower budget music videos can make an impact on your fans, help you get a bigger following and increase your songs sales.

This Music Artist Package Is All You Need

This package was designed to help give you everything you need as a music artist or band, to increase your chances of getting signed. The 4 songs will give the record labels a well rounded feel for your music. You will always have a better chance if you have a few good songs vs just 1 song.

That is why I would also highly recommend a music video to go with this package, it gives the record labels a more powerful way to see you in action performing your songs and can help your chances to connect with them and get signed. It is important for record labels to see that you are marketable, that is our job, to make sure we produce you a music video that will help represent you and your music in the best light possible.

Here is an interesting article about what it cost to do 1 song for Rihanna called called "Man Down".
(Click Here)

Package 2
1) 1 Song of yours professionally produced by music artist, songwriter, producer, engineer, JOBY JOHN (well over $7,000value, not to mention producer royalties)

Package 2 includes everything Package 1 has except for its a1 song package vs 4 song package. This is a great way to get your foundation, which is the base of your online presents ready to go, and release your first song!


Album Package
1) Album 10 Songs of yours professionally produced by music artist, songwriter, producer, engineer, JOBY JOHN (well over $7,000value, not to mention producer royalties)

The Album Package includes everything Package 1 has except for its a 10 song package which completes an album vs a 4 song package. This package is a designed for the Music Artists looking to release an album and also have their foundation, which is the base for their online presents, ready to go! (Save $800 doing 10 songs vs 4 songs)

Call us today, and set an appointment for an orientation to go over your Music Artist Package needs.
we recommend checking with our schedule for booking your Music Artist Package, we can be a few weeks out or more depending upon our previous bookings. Once your locked in, you will be next in line to see your project come to life!
Payment Info:
We take 50% down the day you sign up for the package, 50% once the production is complete

(If you choose to pay up front, which we always appreciate, we will even throw in a photo shoot for you or your band and include up to 5 photos professionally design that can be used for posters, ads etc. absolutely free!! $1,200value)

We look forward to helping you take your project to the next level!!

Music Videos
Film for music video production is our specialty. Specializing in special effects, CGI, we feature our own green screen room and can produce you a music video ready for VH1, MTV, etc.. We have several different packages to choose from depending upon your budget.

Want to get more educated about music videos and what they cost? visit our music video page:

Visit Our Music Video page For More

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Producer, Song Writer & Engineer JOBY JOHN
If you are already a signed top 40 music artist or looking to get signed, JOBY can also assist you on the writing of your songs or even write your songs for you. JOBY has a library of written songs that he has available for music artists, girls and guys that he can produce for you and have radio ready.


Do You want to own your own record label, publishing company and production company? You want to have full control of all your music, own your own masters, collect 100% of your song writer royalties? we specialize in the full set up of your companies and everything you need from your music distributor, ASCAP/BMI, Copyright Office, just to name a few. We make sure you are fully set up and ready to go for your first music release on itunes etc. Take control of your music career and release your music under your own umbrella!

Contact us for a pricing to get your project started


How would you like to have your music in the background of a TV Show? Through our publishing company JJ LostSoul Entertainment Publishing, we license music out for TV Shows, Commercials, Movies and more. There is a demand for background music in all genres including: Top40, HipHop, R&B, Pop, Rock, Country, Instrumentals and much more. If you would like to be feature in our music library, and have your chance to make money with having your music on network TV or Cinema for background music, please email us for details.

We also Specialize in business cards,flyers, magazine ads, web design, commercials, photography & design by JOBY JOHN and so much more!
Visit us today to see al we have to offer www.LostSoulEntertainment.com
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