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Architectural and Interiors Photography

Photography for Architects, Designers, and Historic Preservation
Oftentimes, photographs are the only way the public or potential clients will be able to view your finished projects. Photographs that capture the beauty and functionality of your designs are paramount when it comes to attracting new clients and creating effective marketing materials. My images stand the test of time and will look great in your portfolio for years to come.

Techniques and Capabilities

I combine traditional field techniques with modern digital capture and post processing techniques to create photographs that not only document the space, but also tell a story and depict the space in an artistic manner. Each shot is styled and lit in a manner appropriate to the space, working to complement your design and show the texture, volume, richness and thoughtfulness that were tirelessly put into it. 
All of my architectural and interior design photo shoots include a digital workstation that shows the photos as they are made in real time, which allows me to work with you to create exactly the images that you have in mind. We'll arrange objects in the space so that they photograph as best as they can, and add or remove light as necessary to ensure that the moods and feelings of the space translate into the photographs.

Quality Photography That Stands The Test of Time

I am obsessed with quality - and will never cut corners in an effort to create photographs that are visually engaging and technically sound. I want to create images that you can use for years to come, both for marketing and for impressing new clients. My clients' continued success speaks volumes about the value and longevity of my photography.

Hotel, Resort, Spa, Restaurant Photography In Las Vegas and Worldwide
In addition to photographing architectural and design projects, I also photograph commercial spaces throughout Los Angeles, the United States, and abroad. I focus on creating photography that serves to accurately and artistically represent a space, as well as showcase the unique selling points a client's business.

Production To Match Your Vision

Creating photographs that capture the absolute best parts of a space to showcase it to people is of the utmost importance. Whether a hotel, resort, or spa, having the property look its very best is crucial. Using both traditional field techniques and cutting edge digital capture techniques, I can work to present your business just as you want it. 

Flexibility Across A Wide Range Of Locations

I've photographed everything from boutique hotels and high rise penthouses to centuries-old banquet halls used by George Washington. From Southern California to South Carolina and beyond, we've got the experience to take on any project and deliver images on time and within your budget that you will be proud to use for marketing well into the future. 
Real Estate Photography
If you are selling a home as either a real estate professional or homeowner, I would be happy to work with you. I'm going to be clear up front, however: I don't do discount real estate photography or operate in a high-speed/high-turnaround fashion. Each of the shoots is completely custom and I strive to make every location look its absolute best. 

Method and Technique
I want your million dollar home to look like a million dollar home. I'll spend time finding the best angles, moving and tweaking furniture, and treating the shoot as if it were going to be published in advertisements or editorial features in magazines. Working with lighting and retouching techniques, I will bring your home to life in a way that captures its very best features. 

What to Expect When Photographing a Home for Sale

Because each photoshoot is custom, each job begins with a walkthrough early in the morning to create a schedule that allows me to plan the day efficiently. I'll follow the sun around the home, working with it to create the best lighting situations that highlight the home and its amenities. I will discuss with you, the client, your thoughts on the home's best features and any input you have related to the shoot. If you believe that there is a certain feature that you absolutely love and sets your home apart, let me know and I'll be sure to give it extra attention.
On any shoot where more than 10 images are ordered, a stylist/ assistant will be provided to help with preparing each individual room. We will provide props and use what is available at the home to style. The prop stylists I work with have experience with everything from Mid-Century Modern to Spanish Revival and have the experience to make any home feel natural and inviting. Having a stylist/assistant also helps us move faster, ensuring that I can create more photographs in the day if necessary. 

Amount of Photographs Per Shoot

I am able to create anywhere from 10-15 daylight shots (interior or exterior) and up to 2 twilight/dusk shots per day, given an average amount of daylight. In the shortest days of the year, this may change slightly depending on the size and orientation of the home. 

Post Production 

The photographs are usually processed and uploaded to a private client proofing gallery within one week of the shoot. You'll then be able to give any feedback or let us know of any retouching requests before final delivery. One free round of retouching/revising is included with every shoot. If there have any blemishes that you'd like us to take care of ahead of time, be sure to let me know and it won't be a problem. For more examples of our retouching work,;ents, I provide the high-resolution finished photographs as digital files. You are free to do whatever you'd like with these files, short of selling them for profit. I like to keep it simple and easy for the client, with no complicated licensing terms or print restrictions. If you are interested in putting together a book of images that document the home as a keepsake, I can arrange that as well, so please let me know when you book the shoot if you'd like to pursue that option.

Pricing - Real Estate Photography
Daylight interiors and exteriors: $150 per finished photograph
Twilight image alone: $750 per finished photograph
Twilight with interiors: $350 per finished photograph
Please note that there is a five shot minimum for real estate photography services.