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President/Music Artist-Songwriter-Producer(music & film)-Sound Engineer/Director/Graphic & Web Designer/Photographer/Entrepreneur
LostSoul Entertainment / JOBOHNY / LostSoul Records / JJ LostSoul Entertainment Publishing
Brief description JOBY JOHN: Music Artist-Songwriter-Producer-Sound Engineer, Director/Producer, Photographer, Graphic Designer, Web Developer, Apparel-Fashion, Entrepreneur, and more.
Companies founded and owned by JOBY JOHN

LostSoul Entertainment

LostSoul Entertainment has been serving it’s customers since 2005 and is joined with LostSoul Records. Founded and owned by Entrepreneur JOBY JOHN (Joby John Harding) his vision, to bring Music Artists, Bands, Musicians everything they need for their production under one roof. It can be a hassle having to depend on multiple companies to get completely set up for a release, having your music produced, then sent off to be mixed and mastered, then another company to do your music videos, then another company to do all your promotional flyers, album cover design, on and on! Why all that headache? Set up an appointment with us today and let us help you take your next project to the next level.

LostSoul Entertainment also specializing in:

- Photography & Design by JOBY JOHN, featuring Fantasy Photos for kids, adults and models. The most unique photography offered located in Las Vegas, Nv.

- Web Design, Commercials, Film Production (including special effects, CGI), Magazine Ads and so much more.

Visit LostSoulEntertainment.com today to see all we offer.


JOBOHNY was founded by JOBY JOHN and has now been in business since 2013 and is an entity of LostSoul Entertainment which has been serving it’s customers since 2005. Founded and owned by Entrepreneur Joby John (Joby John Harding) his vision, to bring cutting edge products that are not in the US as of yet at affordable prices. You can run products such as JOBOHNY Phablet Phones on $45 unlimited plans (talk, text, data) using premium service on AT&T towers as well as T-Mobile Towers thus giving our customers the opportunity to have cutting edge products not yet offered in the US and get to save huge on their phone bill at the same time. Joby's up coming fashion line Shiners Fashion through JOBOHNY is a fashion line he has been designing him self. Proud to introduce apparel that is one of a kind and is surely to stand out in a crowd. Shoes and belts featuring real genuine silver, chrome, crystals and possibly to come diamonds. Only high quality fashion from clothing, shoes, belts, jewelry, purses, sunglasses, watches and more. JOBOHNY, "The High Fashion Luxury market Place"

Visit us today WWW.JOBOHNY.COM

LostSoul Records

LostSoul Records was founded in 2005 by JOBY JOHN and he was the first artist signed to the label. LostSoul Records is an entity of LostSoul Entertainment and JOBY soon plans to sign more top 40 music artists, featuring hiphop/R&B and pop, With LostSoul Entertainment being a joined company, JOBY looks forward to fully developing his artists, from the music to the music videos all under one roof.

JJ LostSoul Entertainment Publishing

JOBY started his own music publishing company 2012. JOBY not only writes his own songs but performs them as well. He also writes background music, instrumentals and more. Through his company JJ LostSoul Entertainment Publishing, he is in the process of pitching his music library to supervisors for Movies, TV Shows, Commercials etc.. Want to get your music featured in TV Shows, Commercials, Movies and more, contact us today to have your music added to our music library catalog.

JOBY JOHN About Video
Here is a video produced by Joby John in 2012. Though this is just a brief over view of Joby John, it is still entertainmenting to watch. Since this video was released, Joby has founded JOBOHNY, The High Fashion Luxury Market Place and JJ LostSoul Entertainment Publishing. Take a look around JOBYJOHN.COM and see all Joby has to offer from photography, music production, and so much more.
Video produced 4 years ago
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  • Child Find Of America / St. Jude Children's Research Hospital / American Red Cross
    Website's Promotion Links

    All of our websites at the moment feature these Organizations: We look forward to having more Charity Organizations soon.

    St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital: http://www.stjude.org/stjude/v/index.jsp?vgnextoid=f87d4c2a71fca210VgnVCM1000001e0215acRCRD

    American Red Cross: http://www.RedCross.org

    Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation: http://www.PeDaids.org

    Child Find Of America: http://www.ActionAgainstHunger.org

    Action Against Hunger: http://www.ChildFindOfAmercia.org

    We plan on adding more organizations soon. If you have a charity organization similar to the above and would like us to put your add on our websites, please contact us at: LostSoulEntertainment@live.com This is a free service, thank you
Joby’s latest projects.
This is Joby’s LinkedIn page and gives a brief summery of some of the projects he has worked on or services he has provided his clients with. Projects include everything from web development, music production, music videos, music company set up, branding, published ads in both HOT VW magazine, a national gun magazine, and so much more.

Joby’s other projects include song presentation for music artists such as Paris Hilton and top 40 music artist Leona Lewis which Joby wrote and produced.

"Living The Perfect Life" created by Joby John (Harding); LostSoul Entertainment. Copyrighted through "Writers Guild Of America"

LostSoul Records / Music Artist JOBY JOHN. Album & Music Videos in Production
New album to be released through LostSoul Records. All songs were written, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Joby. Music videos are currently in production. Release set for 2016. New singles, "Dream", "Playing with Fire", "My Number One" and "Maybe I'm Dreaming", available on iTunes and WWW.JOBYJOHN.COM
Photography & Design by JOBY JOHN
Photography & Design by JOBY JOHN. Specializing in photography ranging from kids fantasy photos, fantasy portraits to specialty model photography & design. We are now serving the Las Vegas area and featuring model packages that include all genres, boudoir, model, beauty, princes fantasy, and so much more. Visit our website today: WWW.JOBYJOHN.COMybe I'm Dreaming", available on iTunes and WWW.JOBYJOHN.COM
JOBY JOHN's Music 2 EP Albums
2 EP Albums "Dream Demo 1" and "Dream Demo 2". Now available on iTunes and WWW.JOBYJOHN.COM.r One" and "Maybe I'm Dreaming", available on iTunes and WWW.JOBYJOHN.COM
Website Design, Album Cover Design, Company Setup, Mixed & Mastered song, Piel - When Love Is Enough
web development, music company set up, album cover design, song production and mixing and mastering for music artist, PIEL.
Michael Quinn Music
web development, music company set up, album cover design, song production and mixing and mastering for music artist, PIEL.Album cover design, music production, mixing & mastering, produced 2 music videos and more for Indie country music artist Michael Quinn.
LIving The Perfect LIfe Reality Show
"Living The Perfect Life" created by Joby John (Harding); LostSoul Entertainment. Copyrighted through "Writers Guild Of Amercia" The point of the reality show is to capture the viewers attention, by examining other individuals ideas of what Living The Perfect Life is. Since we all have our own ideas of what the perfect life would be, being able to hear other people's life stories, would offer a positive, upbeat message to the audience, that Living The Perfect Life is not always about monetary gain. The enrichment's that make Living The Perfect Life, are unique to each individual. From your wealthy Sheikh who has the best of everything the world has to offer; to the nun at your local church, who through her faith, serves God daily, to a happy homeless man who truly believes he is Living The Perfect Life.
Ad Design for: Atomwerk Engineering placed in 2013 June issue of VW Magazine
Designed 2 ad’s for a client that owns Atomwerk Engineering. Both ad’s are featured in Hot VW Magazine, one is in 2013 June issue, page 76, top left corner. Atomwerk has revolutionized the VW world with a new Drop/Raise Plate that fixes a common problem with VW Cars. Ever notice how real ends of VW Cars that are lowered have there real wheels tilted at an angle, well this fixes that. This ad is in June 2013 issue of VW Magazine.. I am currently working on a full page add for them.
JOBOHNY "The HIgh Fashion Luxury Market Place" by JOBY JOHN
Branding, commercial, website & design for new company JOBOHNY founded by Joby. JOBOHNY "The High End Fashion Market Place" Specializing in high end, cutting edge phablet phones, tablets and apparel. We carry the biggest phablet phones sold in the US and feature an in house activation service to run your phone on $45 unlimited plans. SHINERS FASHION: Apparel/Fashion specializing in designer clothing as well as custom shoes, belts that feature real genuine silver, chrome and more. The custom shoes are currently available, special orders only. The new fashion line is currently in development. Visit WWW.JOBYJOHN.COM or WWW.JOBOHNY.COM
JOBY JOHN - Dream (Music Video) Behind The Scenes
JOBY JOHN's trailer / behind the scenes video for his new up coming music video Dream. Visit the official site WWW.JOBYJOHN.COM This is a music video that is currently in production and being produced by Joby. With over 23 people featured in the video from Joby's home town, Klamath Falls, Oregon. From guys to girls, the videos show cases DJ's spinning music, Roller Skaters rexing on skates, dancing, singing, and choreography. Music video "Dream" is being produced with use of CGI and special effects. The release is set for 2016. The song "Dream" is available on iTunes and the official site WWW.JOBYJOHN.COM
Shirt Design for Atomwerk Engineering
Here is a shirt I designed for Atomwerk Engineering. He wanted something that would make his logo pop and wanted it to be more than your average printed up T-shirt. So I put this together, he loved it and looks forward to selling these shirts on his website www.Atomwerk.org
Shirt Design for the Seabees (US Navy Shepparp)
Here is a T-Shirt I designed for a client in the US Navy Seabees Shepparp. He wanted a shirt for his unit and they planned on selling these shirts. I started with a black & white design of the bee which he provided, colored it in for him and put all the rest of the graphics on the T-shirt. He was very pleased with the results.
Wrote and Produced a song to present to Paris Hilton
Song presentation for Paris Hilton who is now signed to Cash Money Records.
Atomwerk Engineering 2 2-1/4 x 5 adds for 2013 August issue HOT VW's magazine coming this July
Starting May 2013 Here are 2 black and white 2-1/4 x 5 adds for 2013 August Issue of HOT VW's magazine coming this July, for my client Atomwerk Engineering. Here is the link to the other add: http://www.lostsoulentertainment.com/images/albums/NewAlbum_86de1/tn_1200_9c644d5eb5842112471ae3a928c74fe0.jpg.png . Our Hot VWs add we designed previously for Atomwerk is in the 2013 June issue, page 76, top left corner.
Branding, Logo, Website & Design for a new company called Built Rite Products
Starting May 2013 Branding, design and development for Built Rite Products. The company specializes in custom garden carts, Driveway Entrance Colomns and much more. top left corner.
Web design & 2 ad designs to be placed in national gun magazine, for Ogre's Den Airsoft
Starting June 2013 Designed 2 ads that were featured in a national gun magazine for Ogre's Den Airsoft. We also built their website, and provided design for their business FB. Company specializes in airsoft guns, custom targets, supplies & accessories.
(Photography & Design by JOBY JOHN) New photo for a client
Starting June 2013 Photography & Design by JOBY JOHN. This photo was designed for a client to give to her dad for Fathers Day. He loves Harley Davidson's and bald eagles, which I incorporated into the photo. I also digitally put the leather Harley Davidson outfit on him to give him that biker feel, incorporated the motorcycle, as well as all the scenery. To have your next photo designed contact me here on Facebook or email me at: LostSoulEntertainment@live.com. Visit the official website WWW.JOBYJOHN.COM or the business site at www.LostSoulEntertainment.com to see all we offer. Here is a direct link to my photography & design page: http://www.lostsoulentertainment.com/Photography___Design.php Team members:
JOBYJOHN.COM "We Are Your One Stop Shop" Grand Opening!
Starting August 2013 Visit our brand new official website, JOBYJOHN.COM which was developed by Joby. The new website features 31 pages of cutting edge design, with full screen commercial video on the home page showcasing all we specialize in. The commercial was produced by Joby
JOBYJOHN.COM "We Are Your One Stop Shop" Grand Opening!
Starting August 2013 Visit our brand new official website, JOBYJOHN.COM which was developed by Joby. The new website features 31 pages of cutting edge design, with full screen commercial video on the home page showcasing all we specialize in. The commercial was produced by Joby

Serving Las Vegas & beyond. We feature a One Stop Shop for music artists, real estate firms, law firms, restaurants, and small & large business. Specializing in everything from branding, commercials, music videos, premium websites, photography, and all your design needs.

We are currently having our grand opening here in Las Vegas and having fantastic sales on everything we have to offer. Let us help you take your project to the next level! Also check out all Joby's art, music and more. Visit WWW.JOBYJOHN.COM
Wrote and produced a song to present to top 40 music artist Leona Lewis
Song presentation for top 40 music artist Leona Lewis who was discovered on the third series of The X Factor in 2006, winning a £1 million recording contract with Simon Cowell's record label, Syco Music. Leona just recently signed to Island Records.
Small Bio On JOBY JOHN
Joby was raised in a little town called Klamath Falls, Oregon, where he resided until 2014. He decided it was time to move to a pace where his businesses would have a better chance to flourish and he could use all his talents. After visiting Las Vegas, NV, he decided that this was the place for him, based on the city being an entertainment capital and had so much opportunity with in the fields he specializes in. Where LA has always been know for the music artists and the music industry, Las Vegas now is becoming the hot spot for music artists in all different genres. Las Vegas is the one place in the world where top name music artists now have residencies and have their own stage which they will perform a few times a week. Joby is proud to call Las Vegas his new home and is excited to start his new journey.

Joby has been slowly building an empire not just based around his vision being a music artist, but around his companies that he founded JOBOHNY, where he specializes in the biggest phablet phones sold in the US that can run $45.00 unlimited talk, text data at prices you can afford, specializing in JOBY’s Own designer Shoes belts and accessories, LostSoul Entertainment, specializing in a one stop shop for music artists, real estate agents, restaurants, small & large business, photography and design, music video production, web design, commercials, posters, flyers, fantasy photos and so much more, then of course his own record label LostSoul Records which he plans to sign more artists, he currently has 2 music artists he plans to sign, JJ LostSoul Entertainment Publishing, get your music featured in movies, TV shows and more. Joby is a well rounded individual who’s talents are undeniable, where most go to school to learn and master a craft and that is their sole profession, JOBY has mastered a multitude of crafts making him very unique and proving he is capable of doing almost anything he puts his mind too without ever have had to go to a school and get a degree. JOBY started offering his expertise to clients through his company LostSoul Entertainment as well as his official site JOBYJOHN.COM.

JOBY has truly enjoyed helping his clients bring their visions to life when working with them on their projects. He has offered a lot of his work for very little or sometimes even free thus giving some of his clients the opportunity to have a professional product they were not otherwise able to afford. JOBY has felt very blessed to have discovered his talent, to thank God for his blessings, he has also donated a certain number of Fantasy Photos each year to individuals who may not be financially able to purchase a photograph, or who may simply be inspired and uplifted by the gift. Joby also donates fantasy photos every year to kids with cancer or going through hard times, children absolutely love their fantasy portraits which they get to pick their theme and props, each portrait is custom designed for the child.

When it comes to JOBY’s music, what makes him special and unique to other music artists out there, is not only does he write his own music but records, produces, mixes & masters it, as well as shoots his own music videos, build his own websites, designs his own posters flyers, runs his own production from the ground up, he is literally a one man show. JOBY has written and produced over 50 songs of his own, and though he has not had the opportunity to release them all yet, he is working hard to getting the financial backing so he can. He also has written songs for other music artists and is in the process of pitching the songs to them. JOBY has built everything up with very little budget to work with, most times leaving him very limited with productions, but he always makes the best with what he has had to work with. He hopes to change all that and soon bring his grand ideas to life and for the world to see in his new current productions. JOBY is excited to bring new innovations to the table in his music career with his music, music videos and becoming a staple for new generations to come. Though the journey has been very long enduring and defeating at times, JOBY realizes that sometimes it is not only about the success one has made materialistically, but what one has accomplished physically and their journey to get their. He says, he feels so blessed to have been given these talents and hopes to soon be sharing them with the world. JOBY’s dreams are very big and to most probably unrealistic, but all his ambitions, desires and passion will far surpass most expectations by a far. It is not just about not giving up, but being who you are and what you inspire to be!
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