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Photography & Design by JOBY JOHN
Fantasy & Spiritual Photos

Welcome to JOBY's Photography Fantasy & Spiritual Photo Library where he specializes in custom photographs designed specifically for his clients. Every Fantasy & Spiritual Photo that JOBY designs, is an original art piece that encompasses JOBY's creativity, passion and skill. The Fantasy Photo shoot is shot with a basic white background then designed around his clients desires. All though JOBY JOHN's Photography Studio is located in Las Vegas, Clients can also send their pictures in and he will design them, long as they meet the requirements, contact us for more details. Check out all JOBY"s galleries below and see all his amazing art work. If you would like a Fantasy or Spiritual Photo designed for you, a friend or family member, please contact us today.

All Photos come with a certificate of authenticity and the option of a standard size poster . You will also receive 2 digital files for each photo designed, one high quality resolution file to have more prints made up from as well as a lower resolution specially designed to be upload to the web onto your social sites etc.. We also offer special packages for clients who would like more options with their specially designed Fantasy or Spiritual Photo. Your photo also may be selected to be featured in JOBY JOHN's art gallery in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Thank you, we look forward to serving you.

On several occasions, especially with the Spiritual Photos, I have witness grown adults as well as children cry when receiving his or hers photograph. So I understand the significance, importance and the personal attachment my clients have with their photos do to the personal and special meaning behind them, that is why I spend the extra time to make sure each and every photo I design comes out its best. The emotional impact of the photographs on my clients has been an amazing experience to witness. I fell into photography & design by accident, as it was not a career choice nor goal of mine. Therefore, I feel very blessed to have discovered this talent. To thank God for my blessings, I donate a certain number of Fantasy Photos each year to individuals who may not be financially able to purchase a photograph, or who may simply be inspired and uplifted by the gift.

I look forward to having the opportunity to design your Fantasy or Spiritual Photos. I hope your photographs bring you joy and happiness.


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Our model gallery features:

  • Fantasy Models
  • Princess Fantasy
  • Models
  • Boudoir
  • Swim Suit
  • Beauty
  • Fitness
  • Glamour
and so much more.

we specialize in professional photography & design to suit all your model needs. We also offer film shoots for models wanting a professional way to showcase their portfolio. Visit our Fantasy Models page for more.

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