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This is a hidden page on JOBYJOHN.COM and designated for Paris Hilton. This song sample was written, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by JOBYJOHN, and written with the intent to pitched it to Paris.

Note: Joby
Hello Paris, I put this hidden page together for you to sample the song. I hope you like the banner above that designed specially for you.

I been following your music for some time and I have enjoyed your songs. I wrote this song a couple years ago, which was before you were signed to Cash Money Records. I failed in my attempt to get the song to you. I just recently saw your manager on LinkedIn, so thought I would try again.

The Song
I geared this song towards top 40, although we can gear it any direction you like. My producing has come a long way since I first wrote this song, so there are things I would do to enhance the song. It’s a good foundation to start from, and if I were to go back to work on it, I know I could make the song come full circle.

The Ending
Towards the end of the song, I have a really cool rap where Paris/you will rap over singing vocals. It is a really easy rap to do, you would have no problems putting down the lyrics. Its catchy and would be something new that your fans haven’t heard you do before. I think it compliments the song and gives it a really cool change up. I hope I have the opportunity to meet with you in person so you can hear the song in it’s entirety.
Song sample “Don’t You Know” (Length: 3:34)
Would you like to hear the full length of the song? I have more songs to offer as well. I am located in Las Vegas, contact me today to schedule an appointment, thank you.
Need More Music
I just recently pitched a beautiful song that I wrote to Leona Lewis. You are more than welcome to sample that song as well. The song is still available.

I am a music artist, songwriter, producer, sound engineer, among many additional talents. I have been blessed with the gift to write and produce all styles of songs in all genres. If you are looking for additional music, or a different style song, I would be happy to put something together specially for you.

I am unknown in the music industry, but I know I can bring a lot to the table for your new productions.